Harvey Performance Company History

January 1

Harvey Tool Company Founded

Harvey Tool Company is founded by John Harvey, who sought an opportunity to bring niche products to an untapped cutting tool market.
October 1

First Harvey Tool Company Catalog

Harvey Tool’s 1st catalog, an 8-page pamphlet featuring 64 ready-to-ship tools, is released.
March 1

Helical Solutions Founded

Helical Solutions is founded by Dave McCulloch with 3 employees. Operations begin in a 5,000 square foot facility in Saco, Maine.
January 1

Harvey Tool Partners with Distributors

Harvey Tool Company makes a strategic decision to eliminate selling direct to end-user accounts and focuses resources on building deeper relationships with distributor partners across the US & Canada. Authorized Harvey Tool Distributors provide stronger end-user onsite support and are utilized as an extension to the Harvey Tool Sales Team.
January 1

Helical Expands to New Facility

Helical Solutions triples their number of employees and outgrows their facility after only 2 years. They relocate to an 11,000 square foot location in Gorham, Maine, and begin manufacturing high performance carbide end mills.
March 1

Helical Releases 1st Catalog

Helical introduces its first catalog featuring a full-line of stocked tooling.
July 1

Peter Jenkins Purchases Harvey Tool

Peter Jenkins, a manufacturing consulting expert and financial leader, purchases Harvey Tool Company after serving as President for three years.
June 1

Helical Solutions Becomes 1st Safe-Lock™ Licensee

Haimer SafeLock Helical Solutions
Helical Solutions becomes the first Haimer Safe-Lock™ licensee, allowing them to offer customers an added Safe-Lock™ shank configuration to any standard or custom tool.

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January 1

Helical Solutions Expands Their Manufacturing Capabilities

Harvey Acquires Helical
Helical Solutions breaks ground on a 10,000 square foot addition to their building, doubling their manufacturing capabilities. The company exceeds 35 employees.
September 28

Harvey Tool Celebrates 25 Years

Harvey Tool Company celebrates its 25th Anniversary, and releases a 120-page catalog containing over 5,000 tools.
August 1

Helical Introduces Milling Advisor™ Program

Helical Solutions introduces their trademarked Helical Milling Advisor™ program, a software designed to calculate optimal milling parameters for Helical tooling.  
March 5

Helical Solutions invests in State-of-the-art Coating System

Helical Solutions invests in a state-of-the-art, in-house coating system to better meet customer demands for coated tooling.
March 16

Harvey Tool celebrates 30th Anniversary

Harvey Tool Company celebrates its 30th Anniversary by releasing a 268-page catalog containing over 12,000 tools.
August 27

Harvey Tool Company Acquires Helical Solutions

Harvey Tool Company acquires Helical Solutions and begins combining the product performance and technical expertise of both organizations.

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August 30

Helical Recognized at Boeing Industry Challenge II

industry challenge
Helical Solutions earns an “Exceeding Expectations” recognition at the 2015 Boeing Industry Challenge II, a multi-month invitational tournament meant to gauge the world’s strongest and highest-performing milling tools.

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October 1

Helical Expand CNC Manufacturing Capacity by 40%

Helical Solutions breaks ground on a facility renovation creating 40 percent additional CNC manufacturing capacity.
May 8

Harvey Performance Company

Harvey Performance, the parent company of the Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions brands, is launched in an effort to streamline communications and better support its customers and business partners.

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January 19

Harvey Performance Company Introduces Machining Advisor Pro™

Harvey Performance Company introduces Machining Advisor Pro™ (MAP), a tool designed to quickly, seamlessly, and accurately deliver recommended running parameters to machinists. MAP is the new and improved version of the Milling Advisor™ software.