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Customer Video: Micro 100 Quick Change Boring Bars

Check out this video from @abom79 shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features a Micro 100 Quick Change Boring Bar in action. “Machining in a fresh 60° center on the welded shaft with the help of my @micro100 Micro-Quik tooling system 👌🏻” Experience tool changes 86% faster than conventional methods with Micro 100’s Micro-Quik Quick Change Boring Bars. An industry […]

Customer Video: High Performance Chamfer Mills

Watch this great video from @ekramer3 shared to @helicaltools‘ Instagram, which shows a ¼” Helical Solutions’ Tipped Off High Performance Chamfer Mill, featuring 5 flutes, .095″ length of cut and a 2-1/2” overall length chamfer some stainless steel. “Stainless steel lanyard bead is flipped over in the ER40 collet to put some shiny chamfers on […]

The Advantageous Qualities of Helical Solutions’ Nplus Coating

When it comes to machining difficult materials like high-silicon aluminums, abrasive copper alloys, and other non-ferrous and aluminum alloys, finding a coating that improves performance and increases tool life can be difficult. When machining in aluminum-based materials, machinists often opt for an uncoated tool due to the sharp cutting edge needed. Uncoated tools may give […]

Customer Video: High Balanced End Mills in Aluminum

Check out this video from @chipsmotorsports, shared to @helical’s Instagram, which features Helical Solutions’ 3 Flute, Corner Radius – Coolant Through – Reduced Neck, High Balanced End Mill in Aluminum. Helical’s 3 Flute, Coolant Through, Reduced Neck, High Balance End Mills are specifically designed to provide outstanding performance in Makino MAG machining centers capable of […]

Setting MRR Standards With Helical Solutions’ HEV-C-6

Check out this video from Makino utilizing High Efficiency Milling (HEM) toolpaths with Helical Solutions’ HEV-C-6 chipbreaker using Mastercam software. Makino machinists were able to use a Makino PS105 VMC to achieve a new industry standard in MRR for 4140 steel alloy. Inside the machine, Helical’s HEV-C-6 was spun at 10,695 RPM with Mastercam’s impressively efficient toolpaths to achieve an incredible […]

Customer Video: Micro 100 ID Threading Tools

Watch this great video from @arcturusmakes, shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features Micro 100’s Quick Change ID Single Point UN Threading Tool in action. “A little threading action with my @micro100 quick change threading tool.” Engineered for threading bores .070″ and larger, the unique design of Micro 100’s Single Point UN Threading Tools can cut multiple thread pitches (ANSI, […]

Customer Video: Micro 100 Brazed Tooling

Watch this great video from @abom79 shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features Micro 100’s Brazed Forming Tool in action. “Turning shaft one after the flame spray welding buildup. Using my trusty @micro100 brazed on tooling for both roughing and finishing. I shoot for .001-.0015 over the maximum tolerance then get to the final finish using emery paper. Using this […]

4 Key Benefits of Combination Feed & HEM End Mills

Designed to conquer machine limitations and other common machining issues, combination and multifunctional tooling are highly coveted by machinists. These tools often integrate multiple geometries and flute designs to tackle wider varieties of machining applications with the same tool. This means fewer tools and tool changes are needed within a job, reducing complexity and increasing […]

Plunge and Pocket Milling in 4041 Steel With Helical’s Combination Feed & HEM Mill   

Watch this video of Automag pushing Helical’s 5 Flute Combination Feed & HEM End Mill to the limits by running pocket and plunge milling applications without coolant.   Helical’s Combination Feed and HEM End Mills feature a specialized end profile and OD geometry for both High Feed and High Efficiency Milling (HEM) applications. The variable pitch […]

Customer Video: Harvey Tool Double Angle Shank Cutter

Watch this great video from @45066tony shared to harveytool’s Instagram, which features Harvey Tool’s Pointed Double Angle Shank Cutter used to chamfer edges in 6061 aluminum. “Another use of Harvey Tool number 19503 is to chamfer edges right against adjacent surfaces eliminating the need for manual deburring.” Harvey Tool fully stocks Double Angle Shank Cutters in pointed […]