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Helical’s 5 Flute Chipbreaker Rougher Making Steel Chips Fly

Watch this video of Helical Solutions’ 5 Flute Variable Pitch Chipbreaker Rougher making Steel chips fly in Mastercam’s lab. These End Mills are engineered with 5 flute variable pitch and offset chipbreaker geometry to keep chips small and increase chip evacuation while keeping cutting forces low. Specially engineered to excel in High Efficiency Milling (HEM) […]

6 Flute End Mill High Efficiency Milling and Helically Interpolating 1018 Steel

Watch this video of Helical Solutions’ 6 Flute Variable Pitch End Mill High Efficiency Mill (HEM) and helically interpolate a 1018 Steel part. Known to outlast the competition and maximize shop profitability, Helical’s 6 Flute Corner Radius Variable Pitch End Mills offer outstanding performance and high temperature resistance in a wide variety of ferrous materials, […]

Helical Solutions’ Multi-Axis Finishers With Mastercam

Check out the clean finish left by Helical Solutions’ 4 Flute Taper Form Multi-Axis Finishing Tool in this video collaboration done with @mastercam.  Multi-Axis Finishers are Helical’s solution for operations with extremely high surface finish requirements. When switching from a traditional ball end mill, finish requirements can be dramatically improved, and cycle times can be […]

Harvey Tool’s Combination Drill/Thread Mill in Aluminum

Check out this video of our Combination Drill/Thread Mill working its magic in some aluminum.   Designed for combined drilling, threading, thread relief cutting, and chamfering, Harvey Tool’s Combination Drill/Thread Mills are designed to perform four different operations. Save time by minimizing tool changes while preserving valuable room in your tool carousel with this unique […]

In the Loupe TV: Thread Mills vs. Taps

Join Harvey Performance Company National Applications Engineer Don Grandt in the 7th episode of In the Loupe TV: Thread Mills vs. Taps. Making threads is an essential milling application needed in many machine shops. Often times, machinists opt for a thread mill or a tap to get the job done, but which is the best option […]

The Benefits of CoreHog’s Assembly Style Tooling in Composites

Harvey Performance Company brand CoreHog, which focuses on the manufacturing of the world’s most advanced composite and honeycomb core cutting tools, fully stocks an array of “Assembly Style Cutting Tools,” which allow a machinist to build the perfect solution for their specific application’s needs. In doing so, a cutting tool can be optimized for specific […]

Titan USA 1K Follower Giveaway

*GIVEAWAY CLOSED – WINNER NOTIFIED* As a thank you for reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram, we at Titan USA want to show our appreciation by giving all of our followers a chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card. With the addition of the Titan USA brand to the Harvey Performance Company family, we want to […]