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In the Loupe TV: Keys to Cutting Composites

Composite materials have been rapidly growing in popularity across many industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine, and energy generation due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. Unfortunately, due to their complex properties and composition, they have a reputation for causing many issues at the spindle. Join In The Loupe TV’s “Cutting Tool Counselor,” Don Grandt, as […]

Helical’s 5 Flute Chipbreaker Rougher Making Steel Chips Fly

Watch this video of Helical Solutions’ 5 Flute Variable Pitch Chipbreaker Rougher making Steel chips fly in Mastercam’s lab. These End Mills are engineered with 5 flute variable pitch and offset chipbreaker geometry to keep chips small and increase chip evacuation while keeping cutting forces low. Specially engineered to excel in High Efficiency Milling (HEM) […]

6 Flute End Mill High Efficiency Milling and Helically Interpolating 1018 Steel

Watch this video of Helical Solutions’ 6 Flute Variable Pitch End Mill High Efficiency Mill (HEM) and helically interpolate a 1018 Steel part. Known to outlast the competition and maximize shop profitability, Helical’s 6 Flute Corner Radius Variable Pitch End Mills offer outstanding performance and high temperature resistance in a wide variety of ferrous materials, […]