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Plunge and Pocket Milling in 4041 Steel With Helical’s Combination Feed & HEM Mill   

Watch this video of Automag pushing Helical’s 5 Flute Combination Feed & HEM End Mill to the limits by running pocket and plunge milling applications without coolant.   Helical’s Combination Feed and HEM End Mills feature a specialized end profile and OD geometry for both High Feed and High Efficiency Milling (HEM) applications. The variable pitch […]

Customer Video: Harvey Tool Double Angle Shank Cutter

Watch this great video from @45066tony shared to harveytool’s Instagram, which features Harvey Tool’s Pointed Double Angle Shank Cutter used to chamfer edges in 6061 aluminum. “Another use of Harvey Tool number 19503 is to chamfer edges right against adjacent surfaces eliminating the need for manual deburring.” Harvey Tool fully stocks Double Angle Shank Cutters in pointed […]

Customer Video: Micro 100 Boring Bars

Watch this video from @arcturusmakes shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features a Micro 100 Boring Head Tool perform in C360 Brass. “Gettin’ it done with @micro100 tooling.Material is 360 brassVideo is at 1.5x speed to fit full cycle in short IG video time limit.” An industry staple for more than 50 years, Micro 100 Boring Bars are regularly praised […]

Customer Video: Micro 100 Grooving Tool

We love this great video from @arcturusmakes shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features a Micro 100 Grooving Tool working effortlessly in C360 brass. “This was an exercise in curiosity because squirrel. I was wondering if my lathe controller could cut a scroll thread. This was done using a G92 cycle with 2 starts. Each pass is […]

Harvey Performance Company Announces Investment from Berkshire Partners

ROWLEY, Mass., November 3, 2021 – Harvey Performance Company (“Harvey” or the “Company”), a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications, today announced that it has secured a majority investment from Boston-based Berkshire Partners (“Berkshire”). Berkshire partnered with Harvey’s CEO Pete Jenkins and the Harvey management team to acquire the Company […]

Harvey Tool Coatings: Maximizing Tool Performance

Proper tool coating plays a large role during the selection of a CNC cutting tool. At Harvey Tool, coatings are optimized for specific materials and alloys to ensure the highest tooling performance, possible. Each coating offers a unique benefit for the cutting tool: increased strength, enhanced lubricity, heat resistance, and wear mitigation, just to name […]