Harvey Performance Brands Stand Out In 2021 End Mill Survey

Harvey Tool Voted #1 Top End Mill Brand for 2021; Helical Solutions Rises 6 Spots to 4th

Harvey Performance Company is proud to announce that their end mill brands ranked highly in the 2021 CNC Cookbook End Mill Survey, a questionnaire meant to gauge machinists’ most preferred manufacturers. For the fourth consecutive round, Harvey Tool has been voted #1 Most Popular End Mill Brand by survey participants, beating out Accupro, Kennemetal, YG-1, and OSG, among others.  

Fellow Harvey Performance Company brand, Helical Solutions, saw incredible growth by ranking in the 4th position for favorite end mill brand, rising by 6 spots from the last survey in 2018.

“Since Harvey Performance Company’s acquisition of Helical in 2015, we’ve tripled its product offering of high performance tooling, launched Machining Advisor Pro, and offered more product resources than ever before,” said Harvey Performance Company Senior Vice President of Sales Jerry Gleisner. “It’s incredible to see the brand rapidly ascend the rankings of this survey with each iteration, and it’s a true reflection of all the hard work our team puts forth every day.”

In addition to asking respondents’ favorite end mill brand, the survey also gauged customers’ criteria when selecting end mills. More than 73% of respondents selected that they choose end mills that represent the best value combination of performance and cost. And, when asked about which brands represent this combination best, Harvey Tool finished first overall with 7.6% of the vote. Helical came in third place, improving from 12th position in the 2018 survey.

“Harvey Performance Company brands have long been focused on not only continued growth, but sustained excellence,” said Harvey Tool Vice President of Marketing Garth Ely. “The results of CNC Cookbook’s 2021 End Mill Survey are truly a testament to the hard work our entire team puts forth every day. We’re so proud that Harvey Tool continues to be viewed as the industry’s favorite end mill brand, but also that Helical Solutions continues to improve in this area.”

Harvey Performance Company Acquires CoreHog

Investing for Growth

Rowley, Massachusetts, and Valencia, California – Harvey Performance Company (“Harvey Performance” or the “company”), a leading provider of specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications through industry-leading brands Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, Micro 100, and Titan USA, today announced the acquisition of CoreHog. Based in Valencia, California, CoreHog specializes in the design, manufacture, and use of composite, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer), and honeycomb core cutting tools.

“The addition of the CoreHog brand to the Harvey Performance portfolio will provide a keen focus and expertise in the composite-cutting segment of the machining industry, and will offer unlimited potential for growth,” said Harvey Performance Company Chief Executive Officer Pete Jenkins.

Founded in 2004, CoreHog spent its first several years of operation servicing the Aerospace machining industry, primarily. When the demand for advanced cutting tools escalated shortly thereafter, as new materials and techniques began growing in popularity, CoreHog expanded to support several different sectors: aerospace, automotive, technology, defense and naval, and sporting goods. Due to the high strength, low weight properties of composites, they have grown in popularity for several years, and continue to do so.

Today, CoreHog products are made with application-specific, high-grade materials specially formulated to provide the best performance in composite materials. Its repertoire of tooling options include Carbon Laminate Cutting Tools, Fiberglass Laminate Cutting Tools, Honeycomb Cutting Tools, and Sandwich Panel Cutting Tools, among many others.

Our company is on a journey to assemble and build a world-class integrated company made up of outstanding, distinctive brands and product lines supported by incredible people. The addition of CoreHog to our portfolio of brands is another strong step forward to that end,” said Jenkins.

The acquisition of CoreHog enables Harvey Performance Company to grow in the composite-cutting segment of the machining industry.

“For years, we’ve recognized the accelerated demand of composites across several industries. The acquisition of CoreHog allows us to grow in this space and learn from experts in this area,” said Jerry Gleisner, Sr. Vice President of Sales for Harvey Performance Company. “We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity.”

Harvey Performance Company’s Gorham Facility Featured in Gorham MADE Video

Gorham, ME – Harvey Performance Company’s newest facility in Gorham, ME was recently featured in Gorham Economic Development Corporation’s “Gorham Made” campaign. In association with Gorham Community Access Media (GoCAM), this business spotlight was created to showcase and bring visibility to the industries and businesses that call Gorham home. Helical Solutions, a Harvey Performance Company brand, was originally founded in 2001 in the Gorham Industrial Park and has been in Gorham for 20 years. In the below video, Plant manager Adam Martin, takes viewers into the plant for a detailed look into the facility. For more information on GEDC, visit gorhammaine.org.

Gorham MADE: Harvey Performance Company from Gorham Community Access Media on Vimeo.

Harvey Performance Company Teams Up With Makino & Mastercam to Push the Limits of 4140 Steel Alloy Machining

Representatives from Harvey Performance Company, the parent company of the Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, Micro 100, and Titan USA cutting tool brands, recently took part in a machining test with experts from Makino and Mastercam. During this test, an unprecedented material removal rate (MRR) of 40in³ was achieved in 4140 Steel Alloy, an example of how utilizing the industry’s highest quality tooling, machines, and software can result in a significant boost in machining efficiency.

“When top companies collaborate to get the most out of their machining setup, attaining high-level removal rates becomes a reality,” said Don Grandt, Harvey Performance Company National Application Engineer.

The test, which was facilitated by Makino, was conducted in its PS105 Vertical Machining Center, and utilized toolpaths from Mastercam. For tooling, a standard 1/2” Helical Solutions HEV-C-6, a 6 flute, variable pitch rougher with chipbreaker geometry outfitted with a Haimer Safe-Lock™, was used to hog out an impressive amount of material. It is at this point that the team reached remarkable MRR levels of up to 40in³ at 10,695 RPMs. From there, the final part was finished with a 1/2”, 5 flute Helical Solutions High Performance Chamfer Mill, before it was finally engraved using a .015” Harvey Tool Runner Cutter.

 A video of the test was taken at the Makino facility, and displays the impressive machining feats that were accomplished during this collaboration of the industry’s best.

Harvey Performance Company National Application Engineer, Don Grandt was on hand for a webinar featuring the three brands. Engineers from these companies explained what considerations went into this impressive feat alongside a video taken live of the machining process.

Harvey Performance Company Acquires Titan USA

Investing for Growth

Rowley, Massachusetts, and West Springfield, Massachusetts – Harvey Performance Company (“Harvey Performance” or the “company”), a leading provider of specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications through industry-leading brands Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, and Micro 100, today announced the acquisition of Titan USA. Based in West Springfield, Massachusetts, Titan USA has been setting the performance standard for American-made carbide, high-speed steel, and cobalt cutting tools for more than 49 years. It’s an expansive offering of products that provide milling, micro-milling, thread milling, tapping, drilling, and deburring tooling to thousands of end-users across very diverse sectors of industrial manufacturing.

Titan USA is recognized for its broad assortment of premium quality products at an exceptional value, as well as its best-in-class coating operation, private label program, and commitment to distribution. In all, these qualities make Titan USA an ideal addition to Harvey Performance Company’s portfolio of brands.

“The addition of the Titan USA brand to the Harvey Performance portfolio will further accelerate our ability to assemble and build a world-class company, made up of outstanding brands and product lines,” said Pete Jenkins, CEO of Harvey Performance Company. “Like all Harvey Performance brands, Titan USA has an established reputation for providing outstanding customer service, and a dedication to manufacturing the industry’s highest quality products.”

The acquisition of Titan USA strengthens Harvey Performance Company’s ability to serve the industry. “Our brands serve some of the most advanced and demanding end-users in the industry,” said Jerry Gleisner, Harvey Performance Company Senior Vice President of Sales. “The acquisition of Titan USA will allow us to offer additional capabilities and value to our distributors and end-users.”

“Titan USA is a growth business and I am convinced that this acquisition only strengthens the Harvey Performance Company,” said Jay Pauley, Managing Director of Summit Partners, the global growth investor backing Harvey Performance Company. “We are excited to welcome the Titan USA team to the Harvey Performance Company family.”

Harvey Performance Company Opens New 79,000-Square-Foot Manufacturing Plant in Gorham

GORHAM, ME (October 13, 2020) – Harvey Performance Company, the parent company of the Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, and Micro 100 industrial cutting tool brands, last month opened the doors to a new, 79,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gorham, Maine, to support the tremendous growth and product demand its brands continue to experience.

Harvey Performance Company was quickly outgrowing its Sanford Drive facility in Gorham, Maine, where Helical Solutions products have been manufactured for more than 15 years. The new manufacturing facility, which is just 5 minutes away on Raceway Drive, will become home to Helical Solutions product manufacturing and will serve as an innovation hub for all Harvey Performance Company brands.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this new facility,” said Harvey Performance Company Senior Vice President of Sales Jerry Gleisner. “We’re quite literally opening the doors to countless opportunities for us to serve our customers in ways unmatched in the industry.”

“This new facility is an exciting step for our business, as this investment will create opportunities for us to continue to grow,” said Harvey Performance Company Vice President of Operations Steve Vatcher. “In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we worked closely with state and local officials to ensure that the completion of our new facility was done in a way that prioritized the health and safety of all involved. I couldn’t be more proud of how everyone came together to make this facility a reality during these unprecedented times.

“When it is safe to do so, we look forward to hosting the Gorham community, our neighbors for more than 15 years, at our new home for a ribbon cutting ceremony to share this exciting milestone with us.”

Harvey Performance Company’s New Manufacturing Plant Will:

  • Expand upon its current research and development capabilities to design, test, and manufacture innovative and high performing cutting tools.
  • Accelerate Harvey Performance Company’s new product growth while maintaining its in-stock status and same-day shipping options for all catalog standard items.
  • Host its distributor partners and customers in a state-of-the-art setting that showcases its capabilities.
  • Meet the needs of the market by scaling the size of Harvey Performance Company’s business in the future, through added machines and personnel.
  • Attract, recruit, and retain high-quality employees, engineers, and operators with a high-class work environment.

Harvey Performance Company Partners With Bantam Tools on New Desktop CNC Milling Machine

Harvey Performance Company is proud to announce a new initiative in an existing partnership with Bantam Tools, a desktop CNC milling machine manufacturer based out of Peekskill, NY.

Bantam Tools has been well known for their excellent PCB milling machine they launched back in 2017, and now they are ready to take a step up with their new Desktop CNC Milling Machine. This new machine adds a beefier solid aluminum frame, a 28k RPM spindle, feed rates up to 250 in/min, a larger working area, repeatability down to .001″, automatic stock probing, and support for tooling up to 1/4″ in diameter. Even with all of those upgrades, the new machine still clocks in at under 80 pounds and can be easily integrated into a variety of workspaces. Best of all, the Desktop CNC Milling Machine is manufactured and assembled right in New York.

As part of the new initiative with Bantam Tools, Harvey Performance Company is excited to offer more high-performance tooling solutions from the Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions brands for Bantam Tools users. Bantam Tools currently offer a selection of miniature and specialty cutting tools from Harvey Tool in their online store, and with the launch of the new machine, that selection will expand to include more cutting tools from Harvey, as well as additional tools from Helical.

With each shipment of the new Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Machine, users will receive a high-performance end mill from Helical Solutions included as part of their purchase. This tool will ensure every user can have an excellent aluminum milling experience right out of the box.

helical end mill on bantam tools desktop cnc mill

Bantam Tools and the Harvey Performance Company team have also put together a “Harvey Tool & Helical Prototyping Bundle” which will be available as an additional purchase for machine users. This tool kit will provide users with a bundle of Harvey Tool and Helical end mills which are designed to optimize stock removal and offer a superior finish. This bundle is ideal for those looking to do some serious work in aluminum.

Harvey Performance Company is happy to support this new machine and continue to promote the world of CNC milling to makers of all sizes by supplying high-performance tooling which will get the job done right the first time.

To place an order for the new Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine, click here.

To learn more about Harvey Performance Company and our cutting tool brands, click here.

Harvey Performance Company Remains Operational While Adapting to Responsible Workplace Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

As of March 24, 2020

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and state health officials yesterday ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses until April 7, effective today at noon, a designation which does not include Harvey Performance Company. Based in Rowley, Mass., Harvey Performance Company and its brands are permitted to continue operations, as our manufactured products are necessary for a multitude of reasons, including the creation of medical supplies and devices, and to the operations of the United States Department of Defense. Our company will continue to be open for business and do what we can to support our customers who are leading the effort in combating COVID-19.

Harvey Performance Company brands continue to monitor the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, and remains committed to doing everything possible to maintain the health and safety of our employees and customers. Further updates, as they relate to Harvey Performance Company business operations, will be made to this page, as needed.

As of March 16, 2020

Harvey Performance Company brands continue to monitor the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and are committed to doing everything possible to maintain the health and safety of our employees and customers during these challenging times.

As you know, our brands manufacture tooling that is relied upon by several premier industries, including the Medical Industry, which has never played a more vital role in the welfare of our country and its citizens. While the well-being of our employees remains our top priority, we understand that much of our dedicated customer base is steadfast in its ever important efforts to help contain the spread of this disease. That said, Harvey Performance Company brands have taken immediate actions to ensure the continued production of our tooling for our customers in a way that is safe, smart, and responsible for our employees.

Effective Immediately, In an Effort to Maintain Normalcy for Our Customers:

  • Harvey Performance Company employees, who are able to do so, will begin working from home.
  • Additional daily workplace cleanings before, during, and after normal workday hours will begin.
  • Required on-site employees will begin working in shifts to allow for social distancing.

At this time:

  • Shipping processes remain unchanged, and our tooling will continue to ship same day.
  • We continue to staff a team of customer service and technical sales representatives to immediately assist you.
  • Our manufacturing levels and processes remain unchanged.

As we continue to progress through these unprecedented times together, we encourage you to heed the advice of representatives to maintain your health and safety. We will provide updates to this page to best alert our customers to any changes as this fluid situation continues to unfold.

Harvey Performance Company Joins High Speed Machining Roadshow

Updated March 30, 2020 – All In-Person Events Postponed, Join The Webinar on April 7th

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and in an effort to maintain the safety and health of all employees and attendees, all in-person High Speed Machining events have been postponed until further notice. We hope to reschedule these events in the future.

In the meantime, we are offering the event in a virtual webinar setting on April 7th. Interested users can register here: https://micromachine.fusion360.events-autodesk.com/ 

Harvey Performance Company is excited to announce that we have partnered with Air Turbine Spindles, Autodesk, and 5th Axis Workholding on a series of nationwide events focused on high speed machining with miniature tooling from our Harvey Tool brand. This “High Speed Machining Roadshow” will be stopping at different machine tool suppliers across the US, ranging from Connecticut and Ohio to Arizona and California.

Each event will feature live high speed, micro machining demos at spindle speeds up to 65,000 RPM, and in-depth technical presentations to help unlock the mystery behind high speed machining. A free lunch will be provided for all in attendance, and there will be many opportunities to network with local CNC machinists, programmers, and engineers. Attendees will also have access to Application Engineers from all of the industry participants, including Harvey Performance Company, to help discuss difficult applications, troubleshoot current projects, and develop new, valuable relationships with local experts.

“We receive questions from our customers on a daily basis, and many are about micro machining with high RPMs,” said Jeff Rauseo, Manager of Digital Marketing, Harvey Performance Company. “We hope that by participating in these events, we can ease some of the fears that come with using miniature tooling and help enable successful micromachining projects in shops nationwide.”

A current list of dates and locations for these events can be seen here. More events and locations may be added at a later date, so stay tuned for updates from Air Turbine Spindles and Harvey Performance Company.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Tony Gunn at Air Turbine Spindles or visit their website for more information.

high speed machining

Machining Advisor Pro Updated With New Improvements

Harvey Performance Company is excited to announce that Machining Advisor Pro, a cutting edge resource for generating custom CNC running parameters, has been updated with new features and improvements with the release of version 1.5.

Thousands of users have enjoyed the benefits of using Machining Advisor Pro (MAP) to dial in their running parameters for their Helical Solutions high-performance end mills, and with version 1.5, the Harvey Performance Company team has made customizing your speeds and feeds easier than ever. Much of the work done on MAP version 1.5 was the direct result of excellent user feedback, including some of the most innovative updates to the user experience since the launch of Machining Advisor Pro in 2018.

The new improvements to MAP include:

Improved Speed and Feed Sliders (Desktop)

The speed and feed sliders in the “Recommendations” section are now percentage-based. This allows users to more precisely adjust their running parameters while fine-tuning numbers for increased production or longer tool life. Previously, users could adjust their speed and feed values with dials, but without an exact measurement of the increase or decrease. With the new sliders, users can be more accurate, adjusting their speed and feed values by +/- 20% in one percent increments. Users can also type in percentage values to automatically adjust the sliders to their desired number.

machining advisor pro

Locking Depths of Cut

Inside of the “Parameters” section, users will now see a new button that allows them to lock their depths of cut. With this new feature, users have more control over the customization of their running parameters. In the past, the radial and axial depths of cut would adjust dynamically with each other based on the user adjustments to one of the values. Now users can lock the radial depth of cut (RDOC) and adjust the axial depth of cut (ADOC) without affecting the RDOC value, and vice versa.

Machining Advisor Pro Update

Enhanced Summary Section (Mobile)

On mobile devices, users will now see an enhanced “Summary” section at the completion of their job. The summary section will now include key metrics like material removal rate (MRR), as well as important parameters that apply to trochoidal slotting toolpaths. The summary section for chamfering toolpaths has also been updated to better reflect the necessary parameters for those tools.

Machining Advisor Pro Mobile

Smoother User Experience

In MAP version 1.5, users will be greeted with a much smoother user experience throughout the application. Due largely to user feedback, the Harvey Performance Company team has been hard at work to make sure that the major pain points within the application have been addressed. Much of the feedback centered around the “Tooling” section and the “Material” section and significant improvements have been made to each.

In the tooling section, MAP will now automatically select a tool for you if you enter a valid EDP once you navigate outside of that section. If an invalid EDP number is entered, the intrusive error message has been removed and now will display “no results found” in the drop-down menu.

In the material section, MAP requires that a material condition be selected in order to generate accurate running parameters. In the past, this was not immediately clear and could lead some users to believe that the application was malfunctioning. In version 1.5, once a user leaves the material section without selecting a condition, a message will display in the material section to alert users of the missing material condition.

Open in MAP from HelicalTool.com

On the new HelicalTool.com website, users can now import a tool into MAP from the Tool Details page. Users reach the Tool Details page by clicking on a SKU in a product table, or searching for an EDP in the search bar. Once on the Tool Details page, users can select “Open in Machining Advisor Pro” under the Resources section, and MAP will open in a new window and import the tool’s information directly into MAP.

Users will see these updates immediately upon their next log-in to the application on a desktop computer and will need to ensure their app is updated to the latest version from the App Store or Google Play to see these changes reflected on mobile.

To get started with Machining Advisor Pro, click here to create an account.

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If you have any feedback or questions about MAP, please contact Harvey Performance Company at [email protected].