Customer Video: Micro 100 Quick Change Internal Diameter Profiling Tool

The above video, courtesy of @arcturusmakes and shared with us on Instagram @micro100, showcases a Micro 100 Quick Change Internal Diameter Profiling Tool in action. More specifically, the tool is cutting a ball socket profile in some brass.

Did you know that Micro 100 fully stocks three unique types of Micro-Quik quick change turning tools for profiling? The first option, Quick Change – Profiling Tools – Axial Profiling, is designed for both axial and radial profiling applications and features a polished split face for improved edge retention and chip evacuation, and reduced galling. Another option, specifically engineered for radial profiling, is an excellent choice for fine finishing. This tool, the Quick Change – Profiling Tools – Radial Profiling, is designed with a coolant-enabled shank, and can be used in thread relief applications. Lastly, Micro 100’s Quick Change – Profiling Tools – Angled Profiling is engineered for both radial and axial profiling and its unique design maximizes tool versatility and part feature creation.

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