Customer Video: Harvey Tool’s Pyramid Engraver in Brass

Check out this awesome video @bantamtools shared to @harveytools Instagram, which features Harvey Tools’ Pyramid Engraver engraving different depths in some brass.

“We’re currently putting together an engraving overview, but we couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek of this brass engraving. We used our 80º metal engraving bit and @harveytool’s pyramid engraver to experiment with different engraving depths.”

Harvey Tool’s expansive selection of Engraving Cutters is fully stocked in included angles ranging from 10° to 120°, ensuring you’ll always find the tool you need for your next job. Ground from solid carbide, this offering of Harvey Tool products includes Pointed, Tip Radius, Tipped Off, Marking Cutters, and Parallel styles, offered uncoated, AlTiN coated, or Amorphous Diamond coated for increased wear and heat resistance.

Click Here to Explore the Full Harvey Tool Engraving Solutions Offering

Do you love machining? Us, too! Share your machining pictures and videos with us on Instagram at any Harvey Performance Company page: @harveytool@helicaltools@micro100, @titan.usa, or @corehog. We’d love to share your work and give your shop a shout-out on In the Loupe!

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