Customer Video: Micro 100 ID Threading Tools

Watch this great video from @arcturusmakes, shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features Micro 100’s Quick Change ID Single Point UN Threading Tool in action.

“A little threading action with my @micro100 quick change threading tool.”

Engineered for threading bores .070″ and larger, the unique design of Micro 100’s Single Point UN Threading Tools can cut multiple thread pitches (ANSI, UN, & Metric 60°) with one tool. Ground from solid carbide in the USA, these tools feature a solid split face for improved edge retention and chip evacuation while reducing galling. They’re offered with a Standard Shank, or available for use with our proprietary Quick Change Tooling System, Micro-Quik, which is designed to make tool changes 86% faster than conventional methods.

Click Here to explore the full Micro 100 ID Quick Change Threading offering  

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