Customer Video: Micro 100 Quick Change Boring Bars

Check out this video from @abom79 shared to @micro_100’s Instagram, which features a Micro 100 Quick Change Boring Bar in action.

“Machining in a fresh 60° center on the welded shaft with the help of my @micro100 Micro-Quik tooling system 👌🏻”

Experience tool changes 86% faster than conventional methods with Micro 100’s Micro-Quik Quick Change Boring Bars. An industry staple for more than 50 years, Micro 100 Boring Bars are regularly praised for their strength, durability, and precision. Save countless hours without sacrificing part finish with these solid carbide boring bars, today.

Click Here to explore the full Micro 100 Boring Bar offering.

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  1. R Robinson
    R Robinson says:

    Wow! That boring bar change out was so quick that I didn’t even see it happen!

    Would have been nice to see since that’s what I came here for. ;-)

    Best regards,


  2. D Schober
    D Schober says:

    It would be nice to know more about the quick change aspect. Is it just the bar holder? The whole tool holder assembly. Hell if you wanted a video of cutting a center in I have been using your bars to do that before turning the OD and tapers on barrel blanks and then cutting the bulk of the chamber to size. It helps maintain concentricity with the bore and reduces the load and reduces chatter when cutting the final size with the piloted reamer.

    • Guy Petrillo
      Guy Petrillo says:


      The Micro 100 Micro-Quik Quick Change Tool System features a whistle-notch configuration on the tool’s shank, proven to enhance axial accuracy over the standard set screw design used by other quick change system manufacturers. The whistle notch used by Micro 100 ensures that the tool is always held in location, anchored accurately in place, and pushed completely against the locating mechanism. The system is made up of the whistle notch on the tool and the actual Micro 100 Quick Change Holder itself.


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