Harvey Performance Company Acquires CoreHog

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Rowley, Massachusetts, and Valencia, California – Harvey Performance Company (“Harvey Performance” or the “company”), a leading provider of specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications through industry-leading brands Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, Micro 100, and Titan USA, today announced the acquisition of CoreHog. Based in Valencia, California, CoreHog specializes in the design, manufacture, and use of composite, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer), and honeycomb core cutting tools.

“The addition of the CoreHog brand to the Harvey Performance portfolio will provide a keen focus and expertise in the composite-cutting segment of the machining industry, and will offer unlimited potential for growth,” said Harvey Performance Company Chief Executive Officer Pete Jenkins.

Founded in 2004, CoreHog spent its first several years of operation servicing the Aerospace machining industry, primarily. When the demand for advanced cutting tools escalated shortly thereafter, as new materials and techniques began growing in popularity, CoreHog expanded to support several different sectors: aerospace, automotive, technology, defense and naval, and sporting goods. Due to the high strength, low weight properties of composites, they have grown in popularity for several years, and continue to do so.

Today, CoreHog products are made with application-specific, high-grade materials specially formulated to provide the best performance in composite materials. Its repertoire of tooling options include Carbon Laminate Cutting Tools, Fiberglass Laminate Cutting Tools, Honeycomb Cutting Tools, and Sandwich Panel Cutting Tools, among many others.

Our company is on a journey to assemble and build a world-class integrated company made up of outstanding, distinctive brands and product lines supported by incredible people. The addition of CoreHog to our portfolio of brands is another strong step forward to that end,” said Jenkins.

The acquisition of CoreHog enables Harvey Performance Company to grow in the composite-cutting segment of the machining industry.

“For years, we’ve recognized the accelerated demand of composites across several industries. The acquisition of CoreHog allows us to grow in this space and learn from experts in this area,” said Jerry Gleisner, Sr. Vice President of Sales for Harvey Performance Company. “We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity.”

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