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Harvey Performance Company Announces Partnership With Autodesk

ROWLEY, MA (August 29, 2018) – Harvey Performance Company is proud to announce, effective immediately, the entire end mill tool libraries for both Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions, representing more than 14,000 SKU’s, are available to upload into Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAM Software. This new partnership between Harvey Performance Company’s leading cutting tool brands and Autodesk eliminates the need for machinists to manually build Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tools for projects programmed with their Fusion 360 CAM program, resulting in substantial time savings.

Autodesk Partnership Overview

  • All Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions end mills are now available to download and easily import into Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software.
  • Comprehensive dimensional and required geometrical data, data users would otherwise be required to measure themselves, is now available for more than 14,000 tools.
  • Speeds and feeds information is not prepopulated, allowing users to determine the appropriate running parameters for their specific job and machining setups.
  • Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions will continue to add more tool libraries for import into the Fusion 360 CAM software over the next several months. Future updates will include Harvey Tool specialty profiles and drills, as well as Helical Solutions Chamfer Mills.
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