Makino Mastercam Helical 4140 block

Harvey Performance Company Teams Up With Makino & Mastercam to Push the Limits of 4140 Steel Alloy Machining

Representatives from Harvey Performance Company, the parent company of the Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, Micro 100, and Titan USA cutting tool brands, recently took part in a machining test with experts from Makino and Mastercam. During this test, an unprecedented material removal rate (MRR) of 40in³ was achieved in 4140 Steel Alloy, an example of how utilizing the industry’s highest quality tooling, machines, and software can result in a significant boost in machining efficiency.

“When top companies collaborate to get the most out of their machining setup, attaining high-level removal rates becomes a reality,” said Don Grandt, Harvey Performance Company National Application Engineer.

The test, which was facilitated by Makino, was conducted in its PS105 Vertical Machining Center, and utilized toolpaths from Mastercam. For tooling, a standard 1/2” Helical Solutions HEV-C-6, a 6 flute, variable pitch rougher with chipbreaker geometry outfitted with a Haimer Safe-Lock™, was used to hog out an impressive amount of material. It is at this point that the team reached remarkable MRR levels of up to 40in³ at 10,695 RPMs. From there, the final part was finished with a 1/2”, 5 flute Helical Solutions High Performance Chamfer Mill, before it was finally engraved using a .015” Harvey Tool Runner Cutter.

 A video of the test was taken at the Makino facility, and displays the impressive machining feats that were accomplished during this collaboration of the industry’s best.

Harvey Performance Company National Application Engineer, Don Grandt was on hand for a webinar featuring the three brands. Engineers from these companies explained what considerations went into this impressive feat alongside a video taken live of the machining process.

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