Harvey Tool’s Combination Drill/Thread Mill in Aluminum

Check out this video of our Combination Drill/Thread Mill working its magic in some aluminum.  

Designed for combined drilling, threading, thread relief cutting, and chamfering, Harvey Tool’s Combination Drill/Thread Mills are designed to perform four different operations. Save time by minimizing tool changes while preserving valuable room in your tool carousel with this unique 3 flute tool. CNC ground from solid carbide, this tool is fully stocked in a wide variety of different sizes and is offered TiB2 coated for extended tool life.

Running Harvey’s Combination Drill/Thread Mills

Infographic depicting combination drill/thread mills and their order of operations when engaging with a workpiece
Check out this video demonstration to watch how the Combination Drill/Thread Mill tackles blind holes with ease.

Click Here to Explore the Combination Drill/Thread Mill Offering

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  1. Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson says:

    Please help me understand how it can tap the thread and then withdraw without changing the direction of rotation? It is a fantastic tool that obviously saves much.

    • Guy Petrillo
      Guy Petrillo says:

      Hello Frank,

      This video is only showing the tool performing a drilling operation. This tool saves time by not forcing you to make a tool change. First, you would drill the hole, then go back in with this same tool and helically interpolate the threads.


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