Helical Solutions’ Multi-Axis Finishers With Mastercam

Check out the clean finish left by Helical Solutions’ 4 Flute Taper Form Multi-Axis Finishing Tool in this video collaboration done with @mastercam

Multi-Axis Finishers are Helical’s solution for operations with extremely high surface finish requirements. When switching from a traditional ball end mill, finish requirements can be dramatically improved, and cycle times can be cut down to a fraction of the time.

Designed to perfect your finishing operations, Helical’s Multi-Axis Finishers feature a specially defined profile with a large radius. This large radius allows for a greater stepover to be used pass-to-pass, while keeping the same cusp height as a ball end mill. Fully stocked in a variety of profiles and flute counts, these tools are offered for both Aluminum & Non-ferrous materials and Stainless Steels & High Temp Alloys.

Click Here to Explore the Full Helical Solutions Multi-Axis Finishers Offering

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