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Helical Solutions Showcased in United Grind Magazine

Featured in United Grind Magazine’s 2016 IMTS issue, the Helical Solutions team takes you behind the scenes for the process of how a cutting tool is developed, from the origination of its design to the grinding process. Materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy, and Waspalloy are valuable to the Aerospace Industry due to their great strength and heat resistant properties. But these same properties also make it difficult to machine. At Helical, the tool design process takes into account a material’s specific properties, aiming to provide the customer with not only a cutting tool, but a cutting tool solution.

“A tool geometry might be designed with a helix that works on the vertical forces to prevent part deflection,” Harvey Performance Company Vice President of Engineering Jeff Davis said. “Or the toolmaker may put a specific hone on cutting edges to extend tool life and also refine the finish of the surface being machined, which can be critical where mating surfaces are involved.”

Learn more about how Helical designs its tooling, as well as how state-of-the-art machinery plays a pivotal role in the performance of the cutting tool. Read More

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