Helical’s High Feed End Mill Roughing Out a 4140 Steel Part

Watch this video of Helical Solutions’ High Feed End Mill roughing out a 4140 steel part at 4,202 RPM, 429 IPM, and 550 SFM.

Engineered with a specialized end profile for optimal tool engagement and reduced cutting forces, this offering of Helical’s High Feed End Mills features tooling proven to achieve maximum feed rates in steels up to 45 Rc. Equipped with variable pitch geometry for decreased chatter and harmonics and Tplus coated for maximum performance in difficult-to-machine materials, these tools are engineered to impress you.

To learn more about High Feed End Mills, read In the Loupe’s “The Secret Mechanics of High Feed End Mills” and “5 Things to Know About Helical’s High Feed End Mills.”

Click Here to Explore Helical’s Full Offering of High Feed End Mills

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