In the Loupe TV: Using High Feed End Mills

Join Harvey Performance Company National Applications Engineer Don Grandt in the 6th episode of In the Loupe TV: Programing High Feed Mills.

In this episode, Don Grandt dives deeper into Feed Mills on how to program and use the correct tool paths to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tooling. In the previous episode of In the Loupe TV, Episode 5, Don introduces High Feed Mills, explaining the unique geometries they hold, when they should be used, and the benefits they can provide for your next CNC application. Elevate your machining capabilities with this new episode of In the Loupe TV, today.

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  1. Thomas Salazar
    Thomas Salazar says:

    It will be nice when cam software learns to utilize this new geometry. A lot of what I have in my toolpath depends on “previous stock” in the machine and the simulation. You could create a custom cutter by importing the dxf from Helical website but the cam software will not create toolpath with it because of the geometry.


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