In the Loupe TV: Carbon and Your Cutting Tools

There are many different types of steel materials, and the amount of carbon in each can vary, significantly. The higher the carbon content of a substrate, the harder the material can get and the more abrasive it is to machine. Join In The Loupe TV’s “Cutting Tool Counselor,” Don Grandt, to not only learn how to identify the carbon content in materials, but to also learn which substrates, coatings, and speeds & feeds you should be utilizing to most effectively attack high carbon materials.

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  1. Aluminium Welding Auckland
    Aluminium Welding Auckland says:

    Don Grandt’s insights on identifying carbon content in materials and optimizing substrates, coatings, and speeds & feeds for machining high carbon materials are invaluable. Understanding these factors is crucial for efficient cutting tool performance. Additionally, when it comes to materials, it’s worth mentioning that aluminum welding is another critical aspect. Aluminum welding demands specific techniques due to its unique properties. Ensuring the right welding process, filler materials, and equipment is essential for successful aluminum welds. Overall, a comprehensive understanding of both cutting tools for high carbon materials and aluminum welding techniques is indispensable in the manufacturing and machining industry.


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