In the Loupe TV: The Different Types of End Mill Reliefs

There are many different types of reliefs on end mills, but which is best for your specific applications? In this episode of In the Loupe TV, join the “Cutting Tool Counselor,” Don Grandt, as he dives into why manufacturers put reliefs on end mills, the different types of reliefs, and which you should be choosing for your next job.

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  1. Benjamin McLeod
    Benjamin McLeod says:

    Thank you, I learned a lot about different end mill relief cuts. However, it is not so easy to determine what type of relief is provided on any particular end mill! I first looked at the Helical web page and did not see anything where I was looking. Then I looked in my Harvey Tool (miniatures) printed catalog and again found nothing. I looked in my Helical printed catalog, and found nothing for HEV-C-5 chip break roughers (my favorite end mills). HSV-4 finish mills specify “Engineered with eccentric relief for maximum edge strength”, but HEV-5 again appears to be not specified. Am I missing something? Do I really care, or should I just use the recommended end mill for my material and trust it will have the best relief?


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