Understanding Machining Advisor Pro (MAP) 2.0

Machining Advisor Pro (MAP) was first introduced to the CNC Machining Industry in 2018 as a tool to quickly, seamlessly, and accurately deliver recommended running parameters to machinists using Helical Solutions end mills. then, thousands of users have utilized this cutting-edge resource, every day. In August 2022, a new and improved version of MAP was launched, optimized for Harvey Tool’s 27,000+ miniature and specialty cutting tools.

The following article is intended to introduce MAP 2.0 features. For more in depth information about MAP, including how to get started using it, please visit the original “In the Loupe,” post Get to Know Machining Advisor Pro.

New Map 2.0 Features

Addition of all Harvey Tool Products

With the release of MAP 2.0, users now have access to expertly tailored speeds and feeds parameters and recommendations to meet the exact demands of cutting tool and machine setup for all Harvey Tool products. This means that more than 27,000 Harvey Tool products are available in MAP and users can find their Specialty Profile Cutting Tools, Miniature End Mills, and Holemaking and Threading products to confidently use MAP generated speeds and feeds. With the addition of new products, there is now a new variety of operations to choose from, specific to the product selected.

New Strategy Option for Operations

Before the MAP 2.0 update, there were only two drop down menus for operation: type and toolpath. With the new update, there is an additional third operation drop down menu titled “strategy.” This option allows for users to further refine their machining operation, but only for certain tools that require it. For example, when using a Double Angle Shank Cutter on MAP, users can choose from a list of toolpaths including deburring, chamfer, or v-groove.

Once selected, users will choose a strategy for the toolpath – single side or double side engagement. The use of this feature gives the user more flexibility in their operations and saves time by automating their operation calculations. This feature is available for a variety of different toolpaths within the application.

MAP Offline Mode

With the release of MAP 2.0, and the addition of over 27,000 Harvey tools, users now can work offline. The work offline feature is only available for the new Harvey Tools. To access this feature, users can select the “User Account” button in the top right and start the process to allow MAP to work offline. Activating the work offline mode will cache the Harvey Tool data and takes around 15-20 minutes to complete before allowing the user to work offline.

Having the ability to use MAP offline can be useful when users are unable to connect to the internet as you will still be able to access MAP on a desktop or mobile app, whenever and wherever you need it.

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