micro 100 double-ended tool holders in different formats

Maximize Efficiency With Micro 100’s Innovative New Tool Holders

The Micro 100 Spring 2024 Product Catalog will feature hundreds of new products, including a significant increase to its offering of both standard-style and quick change-style tool holders. These unique additions include several Double-Ended styles: Standard Double-Ended Similar ID, Standard Double-Ended Dissimilar ID, Standard Double-Ended ER, Quick Change Double-Ended Similar ID, Quick Change Double-Ended Dissimilar ID, and Quick Change Double-Ended ER.

These new Double-Ended Holders were designed to be utilized with each other to reduce set up time, and eliminate the time a machinist often spends searching for the correct size tool holder.

As an example, when a Swiss Machine is loaded with multiple combinations of holders, such as a Similar ID, Dissimilar ID, Standard with ER, and Quick Change with ER, a machinist can have all of the ID connections they require residing right in the machine, thereby reducing time spent searching for a correct holder. Holders can be flipped end-for-end to utilize a different size ID at the spindle of your choosing, and – if programmed properly from part-to-part, minimal tool position changes would be required.

The following animations are designed to provide a look at the functionality of each holder style, and the unique benefits they provide for machinists.

Standard Double-Ended Similar ID Holders

In the above animation of Standard Double-Ended Similar ID Holders, the holder enters from the left side of the screen and shows how a standard style turning tool can be entered from each end, and secured with a set screw on each side. Please note that this holder requires tools with the same shank diameter size be utilized on each side.

On the right side, the screw is then removed and the tool is removed, slightly, from the holder, before the set screw is replaced. This showcases that the tool can be positioned in several different ways in this holder, and can accommodate a project with any reach length.

Standard Double-Ended Dissimilar ID Holders

With the Standard Double-Ended Dissimilar ID Holders, the same benefits apply as with the Standard Double-Ended Similar ID Holders. The only difference between the two styles is that one end of the Dissimilar ID Style Holders accommodates a shank diameter size one size larger than the other. Overhang can be set to meet customers’ reach and harmonics requirements.

Standard Double-Ended ER Holders


With Standard Double-Ended ER Holders, we see the holder enter from left, and a standard tool is first inserted into the “B Side” of the holder. Then, we see a tool inserted into a Micro 100 ER Collet, before it’s connected to the “A Side” of the holder. This holder provides maximum versatility to machinists who need to utilize a rotating-type tool in static applications, such as for drilling, reaming, or spotting.

Quick Change Double-Ended Similar ID Holders

Designed to be used with Micro 100’s Quick Change Tooling, these Quick Change Double-Ended Similar ID Holders work by inserting a tooling with the same shank diameters into each side, until it reaches an internal locating and locking pin. A set screw then secures the tools in place on each side. Note that because of the locating and locking pin, reaches cannot be adjusted with Quick Change holders.

Quick Change Double-Ended Dissimilar ID Holders

In this animation, a Micro 100 Quick Change tool with a ¼” shank diameter is inserted into the “A Side” of the holder. A Micro-Quik tool with a shank diameter one size larger, 5/16”, is then inserted into the “B Side.” Both sides are then locked into place with a set screw.

Quick Change Double-Ended ER Holders

In the above animation of Micro 100’s Quick Change Double-Ended ER Holders, a Micro-Quik tool is inserted into the “B Side,” and locked into place with a set screw, before a Micro-Quik drill is inserted into a Micro 100 ER Collet, before being screwed into the “A Side” of the holder.

Similar to the standard style of this holder, this allows one end of the holder to house a rotating tool in static applications.

Quick Change Double-Ended Holders in Machine

In this animation, three Quick Change Double-Ended holders slide into the Y-Axis tooling block, and screws tighten down to lock the holders in place. The Quick Change Double-Ended Dissimilar ID Holder is removed from the Y-Axis tooling block, and flipped around, showcasing the ability of most of Micro 100’s Double-Ended Holders to be flipped end-for-end without having to take apart the assembly, reducing the amount of set up time needed between tool changes. Next, the ER Collet, Nut, and Spotting Drill are removed from the Quick Change Double-Ended ER Holder and replaced with a Miniature Drill, highlighting the ability to change tools on the ER end without having to remove the holder from the machine.

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