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Harvey Performance Company Partners With One Tree Planted

Harvey Performance Company is delighted to announce an ongoing partnership One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization based in Shelburne, Vermont, that helps with global reforestation efforts. This partnership enables Harvey Performance Company to offset the environmental impact of its brands’ print catalogs by funding the planting of two trees for every tree used for paper.

Despite the significant advances made in the sophistication and adoption of digital resources, Harvey Performance Company continues to receive feedback from those who rely on paper catalogs to maximize their productivity. Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions end users request print catalogs on a daily basis, as they’re used to support a multitude of reasons including project planning, product selection, and technical support.

This year, the majority of trees funded by Harvey Performance Company will be placed in California, as One Tree Planted continues its effort of restoring the environment of the 129 million trees lost during catastrophic wildfires that ravaged that state in 2017.

For more information about One Tree Planted, visit its website at


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  1. Debra YoungBear
    Debra YoungBear says:

    I think its a great thing your company cares to offset the damaged caused by our would of today.
    Wish more company’s where like yours, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
    thank you
    Debra YoungBear


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