Setting MRR Standards With Helical Solutions’ HEV-C-6

Check out this video from Makino utilizing High Efficiency Milling (HEM) toolpaths with Helical Solutions’ HEV-C-6 chipbreaker using Mastercam software. Makino machinists were able to use a Makino PS105 VMC to achieve a new industry standard in MRR for 4140 steel alloy.

Inside the machine, Helical’s HEV-C-6 was spun at 10,695 RPM with Mastercam’s impressively efficient toolpaths to achieve an incredible 40inMRR. 

Helical’s HEV-C-6, a solid carbide 6 flute corner radius end mill for steel, is specially engineered to excel in High Efficiency Milling (HEM). Its offset chipbreaker geometry provides optimal chip evacuation and reduced harmonics at high RPMs. Makino machinists utilized these features with Mastercam’s highly effective tool paths, resulting in a very impressive MRR.

Click here to learn about what went into this effort from Harvey Performance Company National Application Engineer Don Grandt, who worked with Makino and Mastercam on this project.

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