Teaming up With Autodesk to Test Helical Solutions’ High Feed End Mills

Watch this video taken at Autodesk’s Boston Technology Center. We teamed up with Autodesk to test out our High Feed End Mills in 4140 Steel on their Haas VF5SS. We were able to achieve 550 SFM, 4,202 RPM and 428 IPM!

Designed for high feed applications, Helical’s fully stocked offering of High Feed End Mills take advantage of chip thinning with a specifically engineered end profile for optimal tool engagement and reduced cutting forces. The milling technique for these tools allows for drastically increased feed rates to maximize chip thickness and keep radial forces low.

Click Here to explore the full Helical Solutions High Efficiency Feed Mill offering.

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    • Guy Petrillo
      Guy Petrillo says:

      Hello Lee,

      Great question! There are multiple different factors that contribute to overall tool life, such as RDOC, ADOC, RPM, IPM, work holding, material, etc, so we can’t accurately estimate the life of a tool. We are able to help with running parameters to get the most out of your tool! If you visit our Machining Advisor Pro ( and enter the tool number, material and application it will give you starting parameters for your job.

  1. Marcus Carius
    Marcus Carius says:

    Hi Guys:
    I see a bit of a cheat here…shallow tapered pocket so no chip recutting.
    That’s really favourable for the longevity of the cutter.
    How will it do with a deep straight walled pocket?
    How does the MRR compare to an optimized trochoidal toolpath at full depth followed by a step up for the tapered wall?
    Also, is this cutter relieved on the shank so it can cut a straight walled pocket that’s deeper than the flutes are long?




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