Tool Path – Finishing

Follows the part profile after most of the material has been removed during a roughing operation.

Tool Path – Slotting

The endmill diameter is equivalent to the slot width and the path follows the centerline of the slot.

The endmill diameter is less than the slot width so it can follow a series of arcs. **

** These tool paths utilize a higher ADOC than the others. It is typically safe to use the full endmill LOC.

Tool Path – High Efficiency Roughing

Rounded offsets with arcs that pick out slots and corners.

Loops expanding outward to part profile with smaller arcs picking out corners.

Tool Path – Traditional Roughing

Equidistant parallel lines that fit with the cut area.*

Equidistant offsets following the shape of the past profile.

* This is the least favorable tool path and it is not recommended. It utilizes both conventional and climb milling.