Section 5: Parameters

The “Parameters” section allows you to further refine your recommendations.

Once Sections 1-4 (Tool, Material, Operation and Machine) are complete, the “Parameters” section will auto-fill default values for:

  • “Stick Out”
  • “Axial Depth”
  • “Radial Depth”
  • “Engagement Angle”

The “Parameters” section gives you the ability to override these standard values to better suit your milling application. These can be adjusted two ways:

  1. Next to each parameter, there are 2 boxes. The top box is the absolute value. The bottom box is the percentage (related the the cutting diameter). You can manually change the defaults for each parameter by updating the values in either of the boxes.  Updating the absolute value of a parameter will auto-fill the percentage, and vice versa.
  2. These values can also be adjusted by dragging the sliders on the “ADOC/RDOC Adjuster” and “Tool Engagement Angle” graphics.

Learn more about Stick Out, Axial Depth, Radial Depth and Engagement Angle


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