Section 4: Machine

The “Machine” section allows you to input/select applicable machine, holder, and fixture information.

  1.  Select the appropriate item from the: “Spindle” drop-down list.
  2.  Select the appropriate item from t he “Holder” drop-down list.
  3.  Enter the Machine’s “Max RMP” and “Max IPM”

The recommended’ speeds/feeds will not exceed the maximum speed feed values you enter for “Max RPM” and “Max IPM”. If these values are left blank  your recommended values may be higher than the capacity of the machine.

If necessary, use the slider bar to adjust how rigid/secure your fixture is. Clicking on the ”Reset” button  will move the slider back to the center.

NOTE: lt may be tempting to move the slider all t he way to the Rigid right (toward “Rigid”), but this may result in recommendations that are too aggressive for your particular setup ( if it is not truly rigid) . It is best to be honest about your setup, RPM and IPM.


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