Section 2: Material

The “Material” section allows you to input/select the specific material that will be machined.

  1.  Select the “Material” you will be working in.
  2.  Once “Material” is selected the  “Subgroup” drop-down list only contains materials within the selected “Material” type. Input/ select the appropriate option from the list.
  3.  Finally  select the “Condition” if applicable (not all materials have a condition available for selection)

The hardness values (HBS, HBS, HRB and HRC) will autofill after steps 1 – 3 are completed. You may over-ride the default values by entering a known value in one of the 4 hardness boxes. Click the “Reset”  button to change the hardness values back to default.

Learn More about Material Types and Subgroups


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