Section 6: Recommendations

Once all the information is filled in for the workpiece, end mill, machine setup, and programming parameters the “Recommendations” section will show speed and feed values that are appropriate for the tool, material, set-up, etc.

Speed/Feed Dials

The Speed/Feed Adjustment dials to the right of the “Recommendations” allow you to individually adjust the speed and/or feed to more conservative or more aggressive values.

  • Adjusting the “Speed” dial/slider to the left will reduce the SFM, and adjusting it to the right will increase the SFM.
  • Adjusting the “Feed” dial/slider to the left will reduce the IPT, and adjusting it to the right will increase the IPT .

Pressing the “Reset” button below either dial will return the dials/sliders to their start position.

Corner Adjustment Box

The Corner Adjustment area will only be activated if you selected High Efficiency Milling as your Tool Path.

  1. If you selected “High Efficiency Milling” as your tool path, an option to adjust the “Inside Corner Radius of Wall” will appear.
  2. Click the down arrow to select “IPM Inside Corner” or “RDOC Inside Corner” to populate the “Inside Corner Radius of Wall”.

Without this adjustment there will be increased engagement on the tool when it enters the inside corner, which could result in tool failure. Two methods to reduce this risk are to decrease your feed rate or decrease your axial depth of cut. Machining Advisor Pro generates the necessary adjustment based on the method that you selected.

NOTE: The recommended values provided by Machining Advisor Pro are references to get you started. You must still exercise sound judgment and experience to determine how to run your endmill. The “Speed/Feed Adjustment” dials/sliders are another tool to help you get these theoretical numbers closer to actual values needed for your specific situation.


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