Subgroups – Stainless Steel

Austenitic SS

(200 and 300 series) Nonmagnetic with excellent corrosion resistance and ductility. Hardened by cold-working (not heat-treatable).

Martensitic SS

(400 and 500 series) Magnetic with high strength, hardness, fatigue resistance, and ductility, but only moderate corrosion resistance. Very machinable and hardenable by heat treatment.

Ferritic SS

(400 series) Magnetic with good corrision resistance. Hardened by cold-working (not heat-treatable).


(Precipitation-hardening) Has good corrosion resistance and ductility. Can be precipitation hardened to higher strengths than the martensitic grades.

Duplex SS

Has a mixed microstructure of austenite and ferrite. Have higher resistance to corrision and stress-corrosion cracking than austenitic grades.


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