Tool Holder Features

Shank (spindle taper)

The upper section of the tool holder t hat fits into the machine tool spindle. This is the “male” interface of the “female” spindle.

Common spindles include:

-CV (also known as Caterpillar ”V-Flange,” or CAT)
-BT (a Japanese standard)
-HSK ( an abbreviation for a German phrase that means “hollow-shank taper”)
-NMTB (National Machine Tool Builders Association)


The part of the tool holder that the machine tool changer locks onto when moving the tool holder between the tool changer and spindle. It is also referred to as the V-Flange in holders with CV, BT, and HSK.

Holding Section

This is the section of the tool holder that secures the cutting tool inside the tool holder.

Common holders include:

-Weldon (or endmill adapter)
-Shrink-Fit Adaptors
-Hydraulic Chucks
-Milling Chucks
-Press-fit Adaptors
-Collet Chucks

Gauge Length

Distance from the bottom of the machine tool spindle to the bottom of the tool holder (measured when the tool holder is mounted in the machine spindle).


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