Accessing Tool Libraries

In GibbsCAM, tool library data is included in your software and does not require any file downloads. Simply upgrade your GibbsCAM software to the latest version, and you will see the Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tool libraries in your plugin section.

As we add new tools to the catalog and build out more models of specialty tooling and holemaking/threading tools, each library update will require users to update GibbsCAM to see new tooling reflected in their software.

To access the tool libraries, simply open GibbsCAM and open an existing part or start a new project. Once you have added a part, navigate to the “Plugins” drop-down in the top menu. Here you will see an icon for both the Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tool libraries.

Clicking on one of the icons will open the tool library dashboard where you can search for tooling by dimensional properties, tool type, or SKU.

GibbsCAM Tool Library


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