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Machining Advisor Pro

Getting Started Guide

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Machining Advisor Pro

Getting Started Guide

Getting Started

The “Tool” section is where you identify the product you need the running parameters for.

  1. Enter the Tool # (sometimes referred to as the Product ID) for the Harvey Tool or Helical Solutions product you are using for the project. Once the “Tool #” is entered, the product details will populate in the gray box.
  2. Review the details before proceeding to ensure the correct Tool # has been selected.

Learn more about Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, or Valor Holemaking cutting tools.

The “Material” section allows you to input/select the specific material that will be machined.

  1.  Select the “Material” you will be working in.
  2.  Once “Material” is selected the  “Subgroup” drop-down list only contains materials within the selected “Material” type. Input/ select the appropriate option from the list.
  3.  Finally  select the “Condition” if applicable (not all materials have a condition available for selection)

The hardness values (HBS, HBS, HRB and HRC) will autofill after steps 1 – 3 are completed. You may over-ride the default values by entering a known value in one of the 4 hardness boxes. Click the “Reset”  button to change the hardness values back to default.

Learn More about Material Types and Subgroups

Use the “Operation” Section to specify the operation and tool path for your project.

  1. Select your “Operation” type from the drop down list.
  2.  Then choose one of the available selections in the “Tool Path” dropdown list.

Tool Path Info

For additional information about the different tool paths, click the gray “Tool Path Info” box. This will open a pop-up with additional information about the different tool paths. Selecting one of the images will populate the “Tool Path” input.

Learn more about different Tool Paths

The “Machine” section allows you to input/select applicable machine, holder, and fixture information.

  1.  Select the appropriate item from the: “Spindle” drop-down list.
  2.  Select the appropriate item from t he “Holder” drop-down list.
  3.  Enter the Machine’s “Max RMP” and “Max IPM”

The recommended’ speeds/feeds will not exceed the maximum speed feed values you enter for “Max RPM” and “Max IPM”. If these values are left blank  your recommended values may be higher than the capacity of the machine.

If necessary, use the slider bar to adjust how rigid/secure your fixture is. Clicking on the ”Reset” button  will move the slider back to the center.

NOTE: lt may be tempting to move the slider all t he way to the Rigid right (toward “Rigid”), but this may result in recommendations that are too aggressive for your particular setup ( if it is not truly rigid) . It is best to be honest about your setup, RPM and IPM.

The “Parameters” section allows you to further refine your recommendations.

Once Sections 1-4 (Tool, Material, Operation and Machine) are complete, the “Parameters” section will auto-fill with the suggested starting parameters.

For some products the “Parameters” section will allow you to override these starting values to further define your application. These can be adjusted two ways:

1. Next to each parameter, there are 2 boxes. The top box is the absolute value. The bottom box is the percentage (related the the cutting diameter). You can manually change the defaults for each parameter by updating the values in either of the boxes.  Updating the absolute value of a parameter will auto-fill the percentage, and vice versa.

2. These values can also be adjusted by dragging the sliders on the “ADOC/RDOC Adjuster”.

Learn more about the parameters within Machining Advisor Pro! (

Once all the information is filled in for the workpiece, end mill, machine setup, and programming parameters the “Recommendations” section will show speed and feed values that are appropriate for the tool, material, set-up, etc.

Speed/Feed Dials

The Speed/Feed Adjustment dials to the right of the “Recommendations” allow you to individually adjust the speed and/or feed to more conservative or more aggressive values.

  • Adjusting the “Speed” dial/slider to the left will reduce the SFM, and adjusting it to the right will increase the SFM.
  • Adjusting the “Feed” dial/slider to the left will reduce the IPT, and adjusting it to the right will increase the IPT .

Pressing the “Reset” button below either dial will return the dials/sliders to their start position.

Corner Adjustment Box

The Corner Adjustment area will only be activated if you selected High Efficiency Milling as your Tool Path.

  1. If you selected “High Efficiency Milling” as your tool path, an option to adjust the “Inside Corner Radius of Wall” will appear.
  2. Click the down arrow to select “IPM Inside Corner” or “RDOC Inside Corner” to populate the “Inside Corner Radius of Wall”.

Without this adjustment there will be increased engagement on the tool when it enters the inside corner, which could result in tool failure. Two methods to reduce this risk are to decrease your feed rate or decrease your axial depth of cut. Machining Advisor Pro generates the necessary adjustment based on the method that you selected.

NOTE: The recommended values provided by Machining Advisor Pro are references to get you started. You must still exercise sound judgment and experience to determine how to run your endmill. The “Speed/Feed Adjustment” dials/sliders are another tool to help you get these theoretical numbers closer to actual values needed for your specific situation.

Click below to download a PDF version of the Getting Started Guide.


If you have any questions or have run into any issues while using Machining Advisor Pro you can send an email to [email protected], or give us a call at 855-828-2016 for application support.

For technical support related to the Helical Solutions brand: Please call 866-543-5422 or email [email protected]. For technical support related to the Harvey Tool brand: Please call 800-645-5609 or send an email to [email protected] for assistance. For technical support related to the Valor Holemaking brand: Please call 866-840-1505 or email [email protected].

If you think of an improvement that would make the Machining Advisor Pro better, please send an email to [email protected]. We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the features and functionality for our end users!

Machining Advisor Pro features over 300+ different grades of material, but we are aware that it is not going to cover every material. If you are not able to find the material you are looking for, feel free to give our technical team a call at 866-543-5422 for assistance.

The old Helical Milling Advisor will no longer be updated and is no longer available for download. All of the same functionality and more can still be accessed in the Machining Advisor Pro. We encourage Milling Advisor users to download MAP so they are working with the most up-to-date library of Helical end mills and running parameters.

In order to determine the optimized running parameters for the Helical Solutions tool, Machining Advisor Pro takes into account all of the tool’s geometry to generate results. This is the reason why MAP does not allow the user to enter other brands of tooling.

Even if another brand’s tool has the same overall dimensions, the internal dimensions may be different, which could result in reduced performance or in some cases catastrophic tool failure.

In speaking with our end users about their needs, one common theme was the hurdle of installing applications on computers with firewall restrictions. This became a hassle as each subsequent update needed a new download. Now that Machining Advisor Pro is web-based, all the user needs to do is log in to have full access to the most current version of MAP, with no download required. This allows us to have the most up-to-date tooling information available to users at all times.

Need Assistance? Our Support Teams are here to help!