Based in Valencia, California, and founded in 2004, CoreHog specializes in the design, manufacture, and use of composite, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer), and honeycomb core cutting tools. CoreHog customers service a wide arrange of sectors: aerospace, automotive, technology, defense and naval, and sporting goods. Due to the high strength, low weight properties of composites, they have grown in popularity for several years, and continue to do so.

Today, CoreHog is pioneering ideas to deliver superior products and innovative concepts to the composites and advanced materials fields. CoreHog products are made with application-specific, high-grade materials specially formulated to provide the best performance in composite materials. Its repertoire of tooling options include Carbon Laminate Cutting Tools, Fiberglass Laminate Cutting Tools, Honeycomb Cutting Tools, and Sandwich Panel Cutting Tools, among many others.