Plunge and Pocket Milling in 4140 Steel With Helical’s Combination Feed & HEM Mill   

Watch this video of Automag pushing Helical’s 5 Flute Combination Feed & HEM End Mill to the limits by running pocket and plunge milling applications without coolant.  

Helical’s Combination Feed and HEM End Mills feature a specialized end profile and OD geometry for both High Feed and High Efficiency Milling (HEM) applications. The variable pitch and offset chipbreaker geometry offer optimal chip evacuation, minimized harmonics, and reduced tool pressure.  

These tools offer outstanding performance and high temperature resistance in a wide range of ferrous materials, including low and medium alloy steels, tool steels, cast iron, titanium, and titanium alloys. Tplus coated and offered in 4 and 5 flute styles, these multi-functional tools were made to wow you. 

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Pocket Milling 

Automag used Helical’s 84496 end mill to pocket mill without coolant at 1040 SFM and 550 IPM to achieve a total depth of 1” at .020” depth per revolution. This ½” diameter tool created multiple .980” diameter holes in 4140 Steel with zero signs of tool failure. 

Plunge Milling

Automag used the same 5 flute tool to plunge mill the sides of the part without coolant at 1308 SFM and 1040 IPM with a 47% spindle load and .125” step-over. Running Helical’s 5 Flute Combination Feed & HEM End Mill the fastest the HAAS will run, resulted in no signs of tool failure.

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