Customer Video: High Performance Chamfer Mills

Watch this great video from @ekramer3 shared to @helicaltools‘ Instagram, which shows a ¼” Helical Solutions’ Tipped Off High Performance Chamfer Mill, featuring 5 flutes, .095″ length of cut and a 2-1/2” overall length chamfer some stainless steel.

“Stainless steel lanyard bead is flipped over in the ER40 collet to put some shiny chamfers on the bottom with this @helicaltools .25 inch 5-flute chamfer mill (part 59807). The bead is sitting on top of the remaining bar stock (not visible) so that the collet has something to clamp along its full length.”

Helically ground with positive axial rake and clearance to deliver high performance chamfering, Helical Solutions’ High Performance Chamfer Mills feature a helical flute geometry for superior part finish. These solid carbide tools are fully stocked Zplus coated for higher hardness and added lubricity, or Aplus coated for added lubricity and higher speeds and feeds in a wide variety of ferrous metals and titanium alloys. They’re offered in a Pointed Tip Style for precise application and detailed workpieces, or a Tipped Off Style for programming accuracy and increased strength.

Click Here to Explore the Full Helical Solutions High Performance Chamfer Mill Offering

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